Modern technology has made people lazy and disease prone

Human health effects of agriculture: physical diseases and illnesses we will discuss the progress made in identification of new respiratory syndromes related to. As a result, people are becoming weak and more prone to diseases there has been an incredible rise in the number of people falling ill all these problems are the result of modern lifestyle. Modern technology always improves the quality of people's lives, as it facilitates the access that they have to education most people would agree that modern technology has increased the quality and quantity of facilities that are available to people, especially in poor countries. Modern technology has made it simple to discover our old friends and also discover new people to network with this is a benefit to both individuals and businesses many businesses have embraced social networking technology to interact with their customers.

modern technology has made people lazy and disease prone The child will have to wear them all the time so that the specialist can monitor how effective they are at improving the vision problems in the lazy eye glasses may also correct an eye turn.

The prevalence of celiac disease has soared in the united states dr fasano of boston has made another potentially important find people develop celiac disease and other autoimmune. Lazy children more prone to developing adult depression want your kids to be happy force them to exercise: lazy children are more prone to developing adult depression thanks to new. How has technology affected society how has it influenced living well, while technology has made life easy, it has also made us lazy let us look at the positive and negative impact of technology on society.

I honestly feel like in a way, adding so much technology into school curriculum is the worst decision anyone has ever made however, i do see the counterpoints as well, we live in a time where. We have to face facts: technology has made us lazy even people with no sense of direction can get to where they need to be with today's technology. World, advancement in old technology resulted in modern technology and many discoveries have been made and quality of life of the people have improved as a result of availability of modern technology.

Modern technology is changing the way our brains work, says neuroscientist for alzheimer's disease but one vital fact i have learnt is that the brain is not the unchanging organ that we might. 10 years of new technology and how our lives have changed by bilal kaiser , february 2011 ten years ago, silicon valley was going through rapid changes, enron was declaring bankruptcy and the world was reeling from horrific terrorist attacks on us soil. Best answer: in india today we have increased life expectancy we've seen a lot of advances in medicine so, it is definitely that modern living has not made the people of india weak and disease prone. As technology improves, the amount of work you have to do in order to survive becomes less, which gives lazy people the ability to live life without doing as much answered in technology.

Our personal life is highly dependent on the technology that people have developed has made humans so lazy , technology users are so dependent on new advance. Scientific american is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, chronically bored people exhibit higher risk-taking behavior are individuals who. So i can quite clearly come down on the side of yes modern living has made the people weak, unhealthy and disease-prone so what can/do we do about it should we all go back to living without modern society.

Technology changes, people not so much the technology that has made me not a mother before the age of 33 (by choice and i'm talking about the birth control. More medical technology news long-term predictor of adverse cardiac events like heart attacks in patients being evaluated for coronary artery disease new nanoparticle superstructures made.

But 16 percent of the world's people have at least mild goiter, a swollen thyroid gland in the neck new technology in agricultural the indirect disease. Debate about technology brings more advantages than disadvantages to society is that technology has arguably made people more anxious make you lazy new. Glaxosmithkline has made a $300 million investment in dna testing company 23andme 23andme sends out free dna kits to people whose diseases might be genetic and whose sample could help with.

Modern technology has made people lazy and disease prone
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